Awards & Recognitions

 Recognition & Achievements

  • 2023 – LCG team receives High Five Award from NIMH
  • 2022 – LCG team receives the NIH Director’s Award for work on NIDCD’s Audiology project 
  • 2022 – LCG Return to Work Team received NIDCD Director’s Recognition Award for work on transitioning the NIH to a hybrid workspace 
  • 2021 – LCG CEO Conrad Kenley receives Wilbur Parker Alumni Award recognizing African-American alumni from the Johnson Graduate School of Management who demonstrate outstanding professional achievement and commitment to their community. 
  • 2019 – LCG Service Desk Team received NIH Agency Directors Group Award for outstanding IT support
  • 2019 – NIH Office of the Director Award was presented to the LCG Development team for the continued success of providing support for Budget Tools to managed NIH Common Fund. 
  • 2019 – LCG Infrastructure Team received NIH Agency Directors Group Award for implementing the agency’s Infrastructure Modernization project to carry the institute forward to the next generation of IT computing.
  • 2019 – LCG Service Desk Team received the Administrative/Technical Excellence Award for Innovation in Desktop Support Services in Scientific Computing Environment.
  • 2019 – LCG Data Analytics Team received the Administrative Excellence (Group) for Outstanding leadership and operational service contributing an NIH Agency mission by significantly improving IT risk management for OIG Audit and Risk Management Team.
  •  2018 – LCG Development Team receives NIH Agency Directors Group Award for developing the Procurement Management Dashboard