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LCG multidisciplinary software development teams bring iterative and incremental development to implement and sustain mission-critical applications for government agencies. We use emerging software frameworks and techniques to increase productivity and user experience, developing higher quality, reusable software components and platforms designed to shorten the time-to-market. 

Why Work with LCG?

LCG pioneered technology transformation developing Web-Based solutions to manage the federal grants management process in the early 2000s. As a firm that has been at the forefront of digital thinking, we have become more resilient and adaptive to support today’s government software and customer experience needs. 


LCG brings product-centric development approaches delivering Application Development Services to optimize customer experience and automate government business operations & collaboration, integrating emerging software frameworks and platforms to deliver business value and drive adoption.

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LCG transition and scale, manage, and product-centric software delivery model driving faster time-to-market and value.
Application Services

LCG focuses on shifting from low-value O&M tasks to continuous improvement and innovation, optimizing both application performance and end-user experience. 

We reinforce Agile practices both upstream into product development and downstream into product delivery to gain the benefits of continuous feedback

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Application Services
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Notable clients have trusted us for decades
Application Services
Integrated Techniques
Microservices Architecture, AI-Driven Development and Federal DevSecOps models
Application Services
Ongoing Innovation
Forward-thinking solutions implemented using multi-experience development platform (MXDP)
Application Services

Sophisticated software frameworks continue to emerge, with cloud service providers making platforms readily available, drastically reducing time to realize value. In parallel government operations continue to evolve, requiring service providers to be resilient and responsive to mission-demanding needs. LCG Application Services helps Federal IT Organizations navigating through these critical factors linking modern technology with domain experts on government business operations, helping to reduce complexity, reducing risk, and cost while increasing business fit, value, and agility.