Corporate Social Responsibility Corner – Team PMO Takes Home the Gold!

February 6, 2020

Ok so we didn’t give them gold, they did however win these beautiful LCG jackets and and shiny trophy award.

The team award recognizes the collective efforts of an outstanding group of employees who worked together to complete a project that supported LCG’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission.

Our first team to win this award was the PMO team. The PMO Team embraced the spirit of collaboration as they donated enough supplies to fill over twelve backpacks (each backpack holds about 30 items) for our LCG Annual Backpack Drive, as well as assisted the CSR committee with preparing remaining backpacks with donated supplies. Congratulations to Carlene Carter, Beverly Tarrant, and Freddie Thomas for their generosity and teamwork!

The winning team received LCG jackets and were the recipients of the LCG CSR Volunteer Team Award at the November Corporate monthly lunch. The team will hold their title and the award until our next team volunteer event in the first quarter of 2020. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved, contact the CSR team at