COVID-19 Pandemic Response

July 15, 2020

A message from our CEO Conrad Kenley:

“The Covid-19 Pandemic is changing the world we live in.  I am happy to report that all LCG team members are healthy and are continuing to support our customers in a manner that they have come to expect.  We believe that the new normal, once the Pandemic is controlled, will accelerate the rate of digital transformation our customers will need to accomplish their missions.  LCG stands ready to provide insight and innovation to federal government agencies to remain a step ahead in a digitally dynamic world.”

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It’s been stated that society changes slowly, then all at once. We’re seeing a paradigm shift in how companies and people work with the rapidly accelerating trend of working remotely becoming not purely commonplace, but a necessity. As a result of the novel Coronavirus upending virtually all aspects of modern life as we know it, LCG has, essentially overnight, helped its customers navigate through the challenges of establishing a new remote work environment.

Helping our customers transition into the virtual work space also means ensuring they continue to deliver on their critical missions. LCG continues to provide the necessary on-site and remote support to set-up their remote infrastructure and we are a partner in the technologies, tools, training and implementation that facilitate this new reality. As the country adapts to the issues related to COVID-19, we remain committed to supporting our customers and their missions.

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The primary focus of LCG has always been the health and safety of our employees, their families, and our clients. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began that concern has guided all of the decisions we have made. LCG convened an internal management group to monitor and respond to our employee concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.  The group is responsible for the collection and dissemination of reliable, updated information to our employees.   Now more than ever, LCG is committed empowering our employees.  LCG provides information on safety recommendations from the WHO and CDC, federal and local legislative changes, amendments to benefits and other regulations on the LCG employee website.

We know that 2-way communication is vital for both our people and our company culture, so we conduct video conferencing daily.  This face-to-face time together helps our employees adjust to working remotely and creates personal interaction as we conduct virtual weekly team meetings, and do daily wellness checks.  Technology enables our digital workforce to maintain our human connections regardless of our new remote office location.  It is LCG’s way of embracing the digitally dynamic world that we help Government with each and every day. 

LCG will continue to support our employees, their families, our clients and our communities with our Corporate Social Responsibility partners, The NIH Children’s Inn and Feeding America.  LCG is here – every step of the way.