Introducing LCG’s First Annual Hackathon!

February 6, 2020

5 Teams
3 Days
1 Cash Prize

On Friday December 13th – Sunday December 15th 5 teams will go head to head to  collaborate, develop, compete, and code!

The winner will receive $5,000

Eligible participants:

  • LCG Staff
  • Ability to Code
  • Can lead and motivate
  • Can make a difference

Stay tuned to find out which team will take home the grand prize!


LCG’s first annual Hackathon brought 5 teams together to compete to build web based solutions using micro services and open services.

Teams were judged on team cadence, agility, digital thinking and the use of disruptive technologies.

 The winning team was awarded $5,000!

Pictured above is Schrodinger’s Cats with our CEO, Conrad Kenley

Photos from LCG’s First Annual Hackathon