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LCG Cybersecurity solutions help federal IT organizations optimize their security stance and safeguard themselves from real security risks. Decrease system vulnerabilities, improve resilience and generate a high level of digital trust with data security solutions from LCG.

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Experience cybersecurity solutions with an evolved approach. The LCG team proactively develops strategies to diminish threats and adapt existing systems to the changing landscape all while ensuring your stakeholders have access to the right data when they need it. 

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LCG adheres to federally-tailored risk management, system assurance and business continuity strategies to safeguard and protect government organizations.

Our team of experts integrate AI with an adaptive framework to protect from, detect, respond to and predict real cybersecurity threats that could compromise your organization.

Key Differentiators
Trusted Standards
National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework
Evolved Approach
Avoid outdated solutions for future threats
Full Security Lifecycle
Complete coverage for your entire information architecture

LCG supports the increased adoption of technology and the increased efficiency and impact it provides. Our clients are positioned to welcome these technologies without compromising security.