LCG’s Cybersecurity Program enables customers to focus on their mission rather than on information technology

By: Pamela Dillard, CISSP, CAP, PSM1

LCG enables its Federal customers to build FISMA compliant Cybersecurity Programs from the ground up.  Once established, these programs facilitate NIST-compliant security Authorizations and Continuous Monitoring.  Because we maintain insight into the latest Federal guidelines for Cybersecurity we can develop Cybersecurity Programs and Authorization Packages that are FISMA, NIST, and Agency compliant.

Our turnkey approach to Cybersecurity Program development has enabled us to consistently apply protection across customer systems and networks, no matter how diverse or complex, to ensure compliance with an ever-expanding list of Federal Cybersecurity directives. Our approach has enabled our world class health and medical research customers to focus on their mission rather than on information technology.

Our proven method eloquently balances what are seemingly competing objectives—ensuring cybersecurity while employing best practices to reduce costs and level of effort.  Our streamlined methodology is hierarchical, inheriting as much as possible from existing organizational policy and security controls.  The Cybersecurity Programs developed by LCG integrate Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance into an holistic, coordinated program that saves our Federal customers the enormous time and expense of addressing each cybersecurity mandate separately. 

The impact of the LCG method results in an enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Program that consistently protects our customer’s systems and data while keeping them compliant with complex and evolving standards set forth by FISMA and other regulatory directives.